How to work around Siri repeating third party actions in voice-triggered shortcuts?

Hi all, my apologies if there was already a thread on this question but I couldn’t find it.

My issue is this: when I trigger a shortcut via Siri on HomePod (or whichever device) which uses third-party actions (instead of url schemes) as part of a daily routine — like, for example, “getting current observations” from Carrot Weather — despite how I’ve structured my shortcut, Siri always presents a snippet (sometimes long) from these third party apps first. Thus, when I include the information to be read out by Siri in a more structured manner (using say, Show Results) triggering such a shortcut repeats the same information twice and it is highly annoying. I have ensured that “Show When Run” is turned off for these actions… What am I missing?

You are not missing anything. I just posted about this same issue yesterday. I think it is feature instead of a bug. Apple will have to change it on their end. You can reach out to the developer and ask them to get Siri less chatty when their app actions are used in Shortcuts but they will not be able to silence her completely.

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