How to use debugger in Scriptable?

I’m trying to understand debugger in Scriptable so that automation becomes easier for me. However, I see that invoking debugger has no effect in my script. Also, as far as I know, there’s no documentation on debugger part.

@simonbs Can you please help? I have exact 3 questions as of now-

  1. How to run scriptable code in background in Shortcuts? It requires my device to be unlocked to invoke Scriptable code from Shortcuts, even if script is inline script.
  2. How to play sound in Scriptable?
  3. How to use debugger?

I try to answer your questions as far as I know them.

  1. I assume that you have unchecked the Show when run option.
    It seems that this a system limitation.
  2. You can try to use a WebView and HTML5 in it. Maybe it works if you don’t present it, maybe it doesn’t. I haven’t tried it.
  3. There appears to be no implementation of a debugger in Scriptable. Your only option is to use log and custom alerts.

@schl3ck Thanks. You saved me from putting in a lot of effort into this.:innocent:

Yeah, I had unchecked Show when run and Run in app both options.

I was hoping to not go into WebView and HTML5 but it looks like there’s no other way.