How to use APIs in scriptable?

How can I use APIs in scriptable? For example I want to use Airtable API to retrieve data and also insert/update data. I am able to achieve this in shortcuts but over the time, shortcut is getting longer and tougher to manage.

I guess if I can replicate the same in scriptable, it would be way easy to manage.

Also, am I able to access JS library hosted on github? For eg:



Different APIs implement access on different, and often multiple, ways. If you search this forum for “API” and “Scriptable”, you’ll find several threads.

This one is a pretty straight forward example of use of an API with Scriptable.

As an aside, if you find a Shortcut is getting too cumbersome to manage, you can split it into multiple Shortcuts. That’s exactly the same technique used in the majority of programming languages to aid in code reuse and maintenance. You may well be able to replicate the shortcut more succinctly in Scriptable, but over time you would likely need to adopt the same approach there.