How to get contact created date?

It seems that the parameter “creationDate” does not exist when using Contact.all(container).

I want to find all contacts that were created within the last 30 days. How can I find a contact’s created date?

Are you checking each contact in the container separately for the date, or assuming that the container is a single contact record and should have this attribute?

i looped through each of the 2000 contacts and none of them had that property. that property was listed in the pythonista documentation but isnt there when examining the JSON.stringify(contact) nor in the apple documentation. how do you get it?

I had thought you were referring to Scriptable (though it turns out the docs for that for contacts don’t list creation date as a property); I didn’t think Pythonista used containers for contacts. Double checking, it looks like more just a direct retrieval of all contacts with get_all_people().

Can you please share your Python code that is retrieving and working with the contacts?

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sorry, to be clear, I am using scriptable.

I am trying to solve this in scriptable. I was just referencing pythonistas documentation because I figured if pythonista could do it so could scriptable but am not seeing how.

Just because one app/language on a platform can do something it doesn’t mean every app/language can, and so you certainly can’t arbitrarily match the docs for one to another.

Therefore two options present.

  1. Write your solution in Pythonista, which you know does currently support the contact property.
  2. Wait, and hope that @simonbs adds this as a contact property for a future release of Scriptable.

ah so are you confirmjng that there doesn’t exist a way to get contact created date right now in scriptable?

The documentation doesn’t lie.

Well usually :wink:

this is sad. I wanted to write it in javascript. I wonder if I can build the contacts list in pythonista and export the data opject to scriptable for processing.

I looked at the url scheme and didnt look like it was very possible…