How to find correlations between data points?

I’ve an eye condition that causes recurring corneal erosions in my right eye while I’m asleep. I think that there are lifestyle factors making the problems better/worse.

How would you set up a shortcut that let me track the following datapoints and plotting correlations between the three eye related recordings?

  • One shortcut that three times everyday (morning, lunchtime, evening) ask me about current eye status, ranging from 0-5.
  • One shortcut that I run every morning recording the lifestyle factors I think might play a part here
    • Bed time
    • Time slept
    • Sleep debt (as calculated by Rise Science/Oura)
    • Number of cups of coffee
    • Time for last cup of coffee the day before
    • Food intake (in the range from 0-3, representing none all the way up to much of the kind of food I suspect might play a part here)

Most important is to find correlations between eye status in the morning and the different lifestyle factors. If possible to do this for both single lifestyle factors and combinations it would be really helpful. Perhaps I can afford an extra cup of coffee in the early afternoon if I make sure to go to bed early that evening?

Could this be done using just iOS Shortcuts, or should I look into using Shortcuts for data collection and some other tool for the analysis?

Best of luck with your endeavor. You are trying to capture data and run a multiple regression analysis on the data. I suggest capturing what you can can in Shortcuts and doing all calculations in Excel which has lots of statistical routines available online. I would plan on a master table where each row is a date/time of capture with a column for each data point. There are several ways to capture data using Shortcuts and transfer it to Power Query in Excel.

I remembered that I tried Wizard a few years ago. Think I’ll capture data to a spreadsheet using Shortcuts and then see what can be done in Wizard.

Not so much an automated solution, but I briefly played with which does something a bit like this. It’s a subscription but they do have a 30-day free trial. Might be worth checking out for this use case?

Yes, that looks superinteresting to me! Thanks!