How to change the file on the remote server from Siri?

Hi guys!

I want to change the remote file on my site by command to Siri (a variable in .json file for example), what sections of the docs i need to read to understand how to do that?

What sort of site access do you have? (S)FTP, SSH, GitHub client, File share, CMS API., something else?

The details depend on what you want to do where. It may be that additional client apps are required to enable appropriate access. It may be that the native app is sufficient. The details will determine your options and requirements, but at the moment there’s just not enough to go on.

I have any of this, except GitHub, im using Wordpress as a CMS, but i dont know where to start.

The idea is to update file content by command to Siri and the site content that using this json file or any type of file as a data source, for title for example, could be updated too automatically.

If you want to set a variable in JSON and given that you seem to have SSH to the host for you WordPress instance, the simplest method might be to use a single SSH action in your Shortcut to pass in a parameter to a script on the server that just updates your particular JSON file.

On that basis, this could help with the script.

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