How to best bind together Omnifocus + Obsidian using Hook

I’m a software developer and my team at work uses JIRA for tracking tickets/projects. JIRA is fine, but I prefer having everything live locally in my system where I can be more granular about it, then updating the status on JIRA when it’s actually done. What I’d like to do, eventually, is invoke some kind of workflow from the webpage of a JIRA ticket (I’d in theory do this for any new incoming tickets moving forward) and create the following things for it:

  • An OmniFocus project, where I can add individual steps (e.g. research how to do XYZ, contact XYZ Team for input, implement this sub-part, write tests, etc.) to the overall project
  • An Obsidian document where I can track any steps taken, notes, learnings, etc. on each ticket

I may want to add others (e.g. something in Toggl, etc.), but those are the two that stand out for now. Using Hook, I can pretty easily create an Omnifocus Task in my Inbox that is Hooked to the JIRA webpage, but then making + linking the Obsidian document is an extra step (and I’m not sure how to hook together more than two things, tbh).

I know this is a perfect use case for Shortcuts on the Mac, but I’m wondering if anyone has ideas of how to do this with existing tools (I have Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, etc.). I could write a little shell script or CLI tool to do it using callback URLs and such, but I’d love a more straightforward way if one exists.

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