How to begin developing your apps/widgets

Hi everyone. I am just getting into scriptable and I am wondering how you go about starting to develop and test your widgets. I know the app has an editor but some of the examples I have seen are 1000s of lines of code. What/how do you start to develop ? Thanks in advance…


You can use an external editor (like Visual Studio Code, Atom, name it) that saves the file(s) in Scriptables iCloud folder (iCloud Drive/Scriptable). That way, you can do your coding on a desktop machine and use your iPhone/iPad for testing only.
Debugging is a bit messy because the only way until now (at least the only way I know of) is to pepper the code with console.log() statements. The output goes to the lower part of the Scriptable window on the device where the code is running.

Don’t forget the Scriptable desktop beta as a testing option too :wink:


Thanks for that - I guess it was the debugging part that worried me the most - so it’s back to the old “print” debug sessions of the past. :heart_eyes:Where can I find more info on the beta for the desktop environment?

Cheers , Neil

here: Widgets on Mac OS?

Does this help?

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Awesome, thanks guys…