How I REALLY REALLY HATE the iOS13 shortcuts app in its current state

Oh boy… I LOVE shotcuts, and what I can do with it.

But WOW how bad can a beta be… It is maddening to use

  • sort is all wrong every time
  • I can’t get rid of any siri (app) shortcuts, and believe me I tried!!
  • I have a least a crash per minute

I have already filed about one feedback item per hour for weeks now, but I’m slowly starting to forget about shortcuts and switch back to the mac…
Oh yeah: and keeping that on Mojave (Catalina beta is mega s…ck as well)

Oh boy, I know beta is rough, but this year is really exceptionally bad!

Yeah its rough. At this point in the beta cycle they should just be putting the final coat of wax on. We are about a month away from release from if Apple sticks to their normal fall release schedule.

Also what about the automation feature they took out. I doubt it will be in the final 13.0 release