How are you using Raspberry Pi?

I took advantage of time at home to finally setup the Raspberry Pi Zero W that’s been sitting in the drawer for some time. I’m accessing it headless using my iPad. The combination of Secure ShellFish and Textastic seems to be a good SSH / file management duo.

I would enjoy hearing what others are doing with RPi in the context of iOS/Mac and automation. This is all new for me. – jay

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a host for HomeBridge. You could do it with a Pi Zero W too, but my Zeros are all portable ones and get shut down regularly (there’s nothing more annoying that Siri saying “I’m sorry, I was unable to connect to some devices”!).

PiHole is also amazing. It can block ads for everyone on your network - which to me is automation because then you don’t have to do work on each individual device :nerd_face:


Ah… thanks for this one @RosemaryOrchard. HomeBridge looks fascinating given I own multiple devices of manufacturers listed in their “don’t support HomeKit” blurb!! Should be a good project to experiment with. Cheers!

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My Raspberry Pi 3B+:

My Raspberry Pi Zero W:

  • P1 DSMR reader to post data about gas usage and received/delivered electricity to my Homey

I guess the Homey (which has an iOS App) deserves a mention as well:

  • Monitoring gas/electricity usage
  • Monitoring solar panels performance
  • Get a push notification when the (20 years old!) doorbell rings
  • Get a push notification (reminder) when different kinds of trash are collected
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You might enjoy Let’s Play Master And Servant - which I wrote a few weeks ago.

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