Home-pod but not in apple watch

why do you think
shortcut work in home-pod but not in apple watch ?

I think Apple have just put their resources into home automation being accessible on the home pod as a selling point. Maybe we’ll see a return of (Workflow/)Shortcuts to the watch in a future release.

End of the day, Apple may have stacks of cash, but that isn’t the same as stacks of development resource. Look at how i*OS13 turned out. I still have elements that don’t function correctly. This no doubt comes from trying to do too much at once.

so if i love the shortcut
you think the homepod is good buying ?

i cannot see a lot of people in youtube demonstrate the homepod
capability of operate as extension of shortcut

I don’t have one. I find Amazon Echos and my iPhone, and my Apple watch cover all of my use cases.

You have to decide for yourself if there is a need, but if Shortcuts is your only driver I think that would make it a hard sell right now.