Home Automation issue with Eve Switch

I have my dishwasher plugged into an Eve Switch and I wrote a Home automation (using Home+ as it is exposes the current consumption details) to turn on a ‘dummy’ switch when the current consumption is greater than one watt. Another automation turns the switch off (which causes an email to be sent to me that the dishwasher has finished) when the current consumption drops to 0 watts. This works correctly when testing the automation, but never works in actual use. I can the see in the Eve app that the current consumption is over 1 watt, but the shortcut has not run. Same goes for the reverse, I can see the current consumption is 0, but the the shortcut doesn’t run.

I tried checking the Outlet in Use variable, but that didn’t work either.

Any ideas on why it works when I test it and doesn’t work in actual use? Or any ideas other ways to accomplish this task?