Help with fixing shortcut

I have a shortcut that I run from time to time that allows me to pick an image from my Photos and then asks me a question and take all that info to a new entry in Day One.

Here is the shortcut:

But the shortcut has stopped working for some reason. Some times it doesn’t transfer the image that I pick and it doesn’t transfer the text at all to the new entry in Day One.

Can someone help me fix it?

Your text action containing the Day One URL references URL encoded text, but that doesn’t exist anywhere in the shortcut you shared. That’s why that shows in red. It must have existed at one point, but it looks as though you have deleted it at some point.

I would guess that the URL encode action used to follow your ask for input action. Assuming that is the case, add it back, and then replace the orphaned magic variable in your text action with the magic variable for the new URL encoding action.

As an aside, it is probably worth taking backups of your key Shortcuts occasionally. There are Shortcuts out there that can support you in doing this, but the simplest way if you have just a few is to share the shortcut like you did above, and keep the link somewhere safe (e.g. in a note) so that you can restore it from that.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks @sylumer what happened was that my phone was in my shorts pocket unlocked on a very hot and sunny day yesterday and it just pushed a lot of buttons and it went in there into the shortcut in my pocket and just started to wreak havoc, so I delete the things that didn’t make sense immediately to me, apparently the wrong thing to do.

I don’t quite understand how to do this (below), can you help?

Yes. Never do that. It will only lead to trouble.

I was guessing what you previously had. I added a URL encode action in where I suggested and then added that to the text action to produce this.

Whether or not that does what you previously had I can’t say.

Given the issues you have had here and in previous posts, I would like to suggest that you take a look at the following resources created by the hosts. They aren’t free, but I get the feeling that you would get a lot of benefit from one or both of them in understanding how to use, build and modify shortcuts.