Help with creating morning workflow

Hi everyone

first post on here. I posted about this on the MPU forum and Tonny was really helpful. But I’m not a nerd to the degree that I’m able to script anything in Siri Shortcuts. Therefore I’m hoping someone out there might be able to help me and create this Shortcut for me:

  1. Stop Alarm on my iPhone
  2. Read me today’s weather
  3. Read me today’s events
  4. Play my Jazz genre through iTunes Match on my HomePod in the living room.

Looking forward to reading your replies :blush:

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Unfortunately I no longer get an action to disable alarms, but the rest of this is possible:

As a note, if you’re not on the beta of Shortcuts this might not work right now because I’m using the built in weather actions.

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You’re implying there’s a beta of Shortcuts beyond 12.0. How to get on it?

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Not implying, there is one. You can sign up in the developer portal if you have a developer account.

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Just a side note that Apple still seem to have invited some people from outside the developers programme to the new beta. I don’t have a developer account but I do have access to the 2.1 (710) beta build via Testflight.


I think these are the original beta testers of Workflow, I got two invites last time and got an invite this time before I knew there was another sign up.

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I was a beta tester of Workflow. Too bad I never got in on the Shortcuts beta.

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Were you running iOS 12 beta?

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So I’m trying to get this very simple morning routine getting up and running:

  1. Stop my alarm
  2. Shuffle my “Best Songs” playlist on my HomePod

But, how do I locate my alarms in the Shortcuts app? I can’t really find them… (see screenshot (“Ur” is “Clock”))

And these are my alarms in the Clock app:

Can anyone help me out?

Stopping your alarm isn’t something I think Shortcuts can help you with. Though from a Siri point of view I can’t say I’ve ever tried a command whilst an alarm is sounding :hear_no_evil:

You also don’t locate alarms in the Shortcuts app. Siri will pick out common interactions with alarms (e.g. enabling a 6 AM alarm) and these can then appear in your Siri Suggestions list. You can see some alarm related ones listed in your screenshot.

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Okay I have just on here and on the MPU forum about people setting up morning routines where disabling the alarm was one of a series of events :confused:

If you asked Siri to “turn off all alarms” it used to be donated as an action but it seems to have been removed.

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Thanks Rose. That’s really a shame actually. Then there is no real point in having a Morning Shortcut for me. The disabling of alarms is the through speech is foundational trigger for me and how that would kick off my playlist in the living room :blush:

Due to the latest update to the Shortcuts app, I’m posting here again with the hope that someone can help me build a morning workflow.

I’m hoping that all this will be possible:

  1. Stop alarm
  2. Tell me the current weather and weather for the day
  3. Tell me Deferred and Due items in OmniFocus for today (might not be possible, I’m sure)
  4. Start playing my “Best Songs” playlist on my HomePod

Can anyone out there help me build this Shortcut?


I believe that I can help with the alarms portion of it.

I had a Siri Shortcut (created with the Shortcuts app) that would disable / enable alarms, but it annoyed me because I had to press the “Do” button for every alarm that I wanted to adjust.

However, tonight, I found “toggle alarm” instead of using enable / disable which didn’t require anything else on my end, it just worked.

As for current weather, I use Carrot Weather for that which works great.

Unfortunately, I no longer use OF (I had OF 2, but didn’t upgrade to 3), so unfortunately I can’t help there.

I just created a simple Shortcut (again with app) which had these two steps…

1.) Get Playlist - Whatever your playlist name is
2.) Play Music - I used Shuffle - Songs, Repeat - None

This worked for me, I’m using iOS 12.1.1 (beta 3) BUT the current App Store version of Shortcuts.

I hope this helps you out, and I didn’t misunderstand your request.


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Hi Scott. Thanks a lot. Can you share your Shortcut and then I can adapt it :blush:

Sure thing,

This is for my alarms…

This is for the playlist


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Thanks Scott. I will set this all up later in December when I have time. It’s my plan to set up a complete evening and morning routine, I will look at your shortcuts then and report back, thanks! :blush:

No problem, I’m happy to help out.

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Hey Scott.

I finally got around to looking at these shortcuts. They look idemtical to me when I download them. Am I missing something?

I imported the Alarms shortcut. But how do I get the playlist to play on my HomePod?

I’m basically looking for a Shortcut to sa stop alarm and that will trigger a playlist to play at random on my HomePod

Can you help me set that up?