Help with Automator renaming workflow (can't get it to stop putting file name in document contents)

I have an Automator workflow that prompts me for a file name, creates a new Markdown file, and opens it in BBEdit. Unfortunately, it also takes the file name input, and inserts that into the document (I want a blank document). Any ideas? I figured out it has to do with the “ignore input” checkbox, but if I check that, it won’t pass the filename on to rename the file.

Here is a screenshot of the workflow:

[EDIT: that screenshot really got shrunk on upload here, so here it is elsewhere: ]

Surely it shouldn’t be stopping you using the file name as a variable reference?! Just to double check/clarify, is this the behaviour you are seeing when you check the ignore input box or is it something you are assuming would happen?

It is what I am seeing when I check the “ignore input” box in the “New Text File” step (the only one not greyed out, aside from the final step). With that checked, it doesn’t use my input as the file name. It mostly seems to give me “” but every now and then something else (I’ll have to pay attention - it might be what is on the clipboard). When I uncheck it, it works great, except for inserting the file name into the body of the document.

In the event anyone was following this, I ended up brute forcing this with a final step in the Automator workflow:

This is the AppleScript:

tell application “BBEdit”
set the contents of text window 1 ¬
to “”
end tell – application “BBEdit”