Help with amazing Apple Music poster-making shortcut that doesn’t quite work

Ok. So, this person on Reddit created this amazing iOS shortcut that basically takes the song that you’re listening to and makes a really cool digital poster using the album artwork so you can share what you’re listening to on social media like Instagram or whatever.

He had several versions of it and was updating it with each new OS update, and went kind of dormant. I left a comment on the thread where he first posted it begging him for an update-it’s my favorite shortcut-and he replied! And even with an update!

But I can’t for the life of me get it to work. Everything does as it should up until the very end. The digital poster won’t render all the way and looks janky.

I hate to bug the guy again since he was so nice to update it, but I’d also really love to use it. I thought maybe someone here could take a look and offer advice? :pray:

Here’s the link to the shortcut. The creator’s name is in a comment towards the beginning.