Help with amazing Apple Music poster-making shortcut that doesn’t quite work

Ok. So, this person on Reddit created this amazing iOS shortcut that basically takes the song that you’re listening to and makes a really cool digital poster using the album artwork so you can share what you’re listening to on social media like Instagram or whatever.

He had several versions of it and was updating it with each new OS update, and went kind of dormant. I left a comment on the thread where he first posted it begging him for an update-it’s my favorite shortcut-and he replied! And even with an update!

But I can’t for the life of me get it to work. Everything does as it should up until the very end. The digital poster won’t render all the way and looks janky.

I hate to bug the guy again since he was so nice to update it, but I’d also really love to use it. I thought maybe someone here could take a look and offer advice? :pray:

Here’s the link to the shortcut. The creator’s name is in a comment towards the beginning.

Did you end up finding a solution to this? I have had some similar issues with that shortcut but the one I had is and older version and doesn’t even work in iOS 17 beta. This new version you have works… sort of.

Here is what I get:

Yes, thank you! There was a 2nd manual step I had to take that I glossed over when I read his instructions. It does take a while to render but I still love the effect. I wish I were savvy enough to tinker with it a little more so it would be a one step process instead of two, but if the developer felt it had to be two, he’s probably right lol

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Well I spoke too soon. I tried it again today but the second shortcut, the one that’s supposed to crop the image, just spins forever and generates a white png. But here’s my before shortcut screenshot. I had to one up your Eminem with a Yo Yo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Which second shortcut? I wonder if it is using the PDF action. That action has been known to cause some weird issues lately

I finally found his post with the new instructions.

See if that makes sense. I had forgotten about the markup step then sharing to the second shortcut. Only thing is is still crops funny, even when you do that. I don’t know how to automate the cropping so that it’d remove the white space.

Great find! I’m still struggling to even get it to work smoothly. It takes so long in safari and then the share sheet struggles too.

It would be so nice if it ended up working like it used to at some point

I just mocked something up and seems to work pretty good. Doesn’t look quite as nice but it’s fast

Edit: here is an updated version that looks a little better IMO

Edit2: I made another update for it to be more dynamic and work with other devices than iPhone 14

I’m curious to know what device you have and how it looks as a result

I put some further finishing touches on the shortcut and have posted it in the forum

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