Help with a shortcut

I would really appreciate some help with a shortcut for Notebooks app. The shortcut I am talking about is from Appademic ( and it should make wiki style links (article).

All works but the shortcuts creates links without the text: “notebooks://” and just reads “show/…” and Notebooks cannot open the note (when I manually add “notebooks://”, it works).

How can I make it work? Thanks a lot for any help :slight_smile:

It looks to me like the Shortcut is expecting the notebooks URL to be on the clipboard, but is accepting share sheet inputs and then doing nothing with them. Perhaps that may be the source of at least some aspect of your issue?

First of all, I’d check that you are putting the URL on the clipboard as the shortcut is expecting, or change the shortcut to use the share sheet input rather than, or as an alternative to the clipboard.

If that still doesn’t work, check the details of what is being passed in and encoded by using some Quick Look or Show Results actions. You’re looking for the inclusion of notebooks:// or the encoded version of this notebooks%3A%2F%2F to appear at the start of the clipboard or link URL at each stage.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Notebooks app, so I can’t step through and validate it myself.

Thanky you for your reply. My knowledge of shortcuts is sadly very limited.

I copy the link of the note and paste it within the shortcut. So the link to the note (including "notebooks://) is in the clipboard and pasted to the shortcut. But the shortcut just cuts it out …

I tried various changes, but it either broke the shortcut, or did not change the outcome.

It isn’t possible for me to test this, but here’s a stab at an amended version that I hope might work.

Would be interesting to know what effect it does have.

I also spotted that the share sheet is used, but to populate the default for the link text in the Markdown link.

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