HELP! Trigger Shortcuts when connected to a Specific Bluetooth Device

I’m trying to work out how to trigger a shortcut to launch Overcast, Waze + a few others when connected to a specific Bluetooth device (the Bluetooth in my car). Anyone got any suggestions on how to do this? I’ve had a decent search through Shortcuts, IFTTT, LaunchCentre etc but havent been able to achieve the desired result.
Was considering using iBeacons, however as these you Bluetooth as well (correct me if I’m wrong) i feel like it would be the same result. Have an iPhone 6s, so the stickers wont work for me either,

Can any of my fellow Automators help?

Shortcuts has no idea when something happens - be that WiFi, Bluetooth, weather, etc. If you use an iBeacon or an NFC tag you can trigger a Launch Center Pro notification and opening that can run your shortcut.

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They’ve got a 6S, so no luck with the NFC tags.

@DOS, one trick I’ve used is Launch Centre Pro reminders when I’m leaving a location. It’s not perfect as it might not trigger every time you get in your car, but if your car is parked away from your house or, worst case, as you drive away, LCP can remind you to open a given shortcut with a notification.

E.g., LCP reminds me to open and sync DEVONthink whenever I arrive at and leave my office.

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Thanks for the help!

I know I’m three years late but you can now set up an automation in the Shortcuts app that will allow you to do what you need

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