Help Needed grabbing multiple links and sending to services

I am looking to create a shortcut that would run several times per day in the background if possible

I want it to
Get new items from an RSS feed
Send the items one at a time to using their API
Send the items one at a time to Goodlinks

I am trying to learn Shortcuts but have no “programming” experience so am a bit lost. When I have tried this I get all links sent in one “lump”

I prefer not to use IFTTT/Zapier for this

Thanks in advance


(iOS 14 automation) Automation to run at time of day and turn off the ask before running, use the get items from RSS and then “repeat with each” action to send where you want with api

something like this

and then you have the automation set to run at particular time and then " run shortcut" and choose the shortcut you create

When I do this it is creating a single item in Raindop with the title “

instead of splitting into multiple links

If you share a link to your shortcut, I’m sure someone will be able to identify the cause, but as it stands, it is apparent that you are processing the results as one block rather than separately.