Help Figuring Out Why Shortcut Only Works Once (requires restart)

Hello, I’m looking for some help with a shortcut that I created to save quotes to DayOne from Safari. Here’s the iCloud link.

To use the shortcut (from a Safari page):

  1. Copy the name of the author of the quote so it’s in your clipboard.
  2. Highlight/select the entirety of the quote (the shortcut assumes the quote is in the selected text)
  3. Invoke the shortcut from the Safari share button (not from the contextual share menu when selecting text).

The strange thing about this shortcut is that it works once, and then never again (until I restart my iPhone). I thought maybe it wasn’t exiting properly, so I added a “Continue in Shortcuts app” action and “Exit shortcut”, but am still have the same issue.

I’d really appreciate any ideas or assistance in fixing this so that it runs consistently.

Try using the “Create Entry” action, rather than the one called “Create Day One Entry”. I believe the latter is an old action using the older (deprecated) Shortcuts frameworks, and therefore causes some issues. I use the “Create Entry” action with no problems.

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