Help exporting lines of a spread sheet to Apple Notes


I’m setting up a new computer for my mom and ran into an issue.

When exporting her notes from Outlook on Windows, the only option it gave me was to export them as a CSV. I’m trying to work out a way to get this into her Notes app. Each line of the spread sheet is one note. I’m thinking the best way is to find a way to export each line as its own individual .txt file and putting those into Notes?

Because this is her computer, I don’t have it set up with Keyboard Maestro or anything, so if possible, I’d love to do it in a way that minimizes what I’d need to purchase for her machine. There are around 300 notes, so it’s also not something I can reasonably brute force. Any pointers in the right direction would help me a ton.

Thank you!

If the notes in Outlook were synced, logging into that same account should do the trick. If you still have access to the old machine then you could just install the iCloud syncer for Windows and add the notes that way.

Update for anyone that may come across this in the future: I did end up installing Keyboard Maestro on her Mac. I made an action that copied the cell from numbers, tabbed to notes, created a new note, pasted the items from the clipboard, tabbed back to numbers, went down one cell, then repeated about 300 times.

Basically: ⌘C, ⌘tab, ⌘N, ⌘V, ⌘tab, Down Arrow