Help: automations are not working anymore

Over the easter holiday I was creating some new timetracking shortcuts with timery andautomated them with the automation section within the shortcuts app.
In fact I was motivated after reading this article:
How Rose uses Shortcuts and App Launchers to Track Time – The Sweet Setup

I was able to fire a timer to monitor my rss consumbtion when opening my rss reader and stop the timer when cclosing the rss reader.
That worked fine on saterday.
However since sunday I can’t get it to work anymore.
I’ve reboted the phone enabled and disabled the automation, but that won’t h elp.
I’ve even recreated it but it wont start.
I use the run shortcut parameter and I’ve specified the shortcut I would like to run.
Any pointers what I could do?
I am almost at the point that I am planning a complete reset / reinstall of my phone. but Would like to avoid that as much as possible.

Can you trigger a test shortcut when opening/closing any of your apps, or is this specific to your RSS app?

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Unfortenately,it seems to be the same foor all my apps.
FOr example: I created a second automation to start a timer for the facebook app, gives the same issue.
I can however trigger the shortcuts manually an that is working fine.
I have the feeling this is a problem within the automation section.