Help: automations are not working anymore

Over the easter holiday I was creating some new timetracking shortcuts with timery andautomated them with the automation section within the shortcuts app.
In fact I was motivated after reading this article:
How Rose uses Shortcuts and App Launchers to Track Time – The Sweet Setup

I was able to fire a timer to monitor my rss consumbtion when opening my rss reader and stop the timer when cclosing the rss reader.
That worked fine on saterday.
However since sunday I can’t get it to work anymore.
I’ve reboted the phone enabled and disabled the automation, but that won’t h elp.
I’ve even recreated it but it wont start.
I use the run shortcut parameter and I’ve specified the shortcut I would like to run.
Any pointers what I could do?
I am almost at the point that I am planning a complete reset / reinstall of my phone. but Would like to avoid that as much as possible.

Can you trigger a test shortcut when opening/closing any of your apps, or is this specific to your RSS app?

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Unfortenately,it seems to be the same foor all my apps.
FOr example: I created a second automation to start a timer for the facebook app, gives the same issue.
I can however trigger the shortcuts manually an that is working fine.
I have the feeling this is a problem within the automation section.

So the otherday I found the problem:
I did not mension that I am using voiceover the native screenreader baked in to almost all apple produkts, because of my visual impairment.
I thought it would not add any value to the discussion.

Voiceover does provide a screencurten function that you can prevent others seeing the screen while youdo things on your I-device.
I was sitting on a train and toggled the screencurtin of while in my rss reader.
At that moment the automation god triggered and start to work all fine. Also the stop timer function whenclosing the app works now.
I think this is a bug in the latest IOS, question is how should I report this?
So when my timer does not start it is just a matter of toggling the screencurtin of, wait a second or two, and turn it back on, the automation will be triggered then.