Health data by type

I’m trying to make a shortcut to log how much I ski each season, but I can’t for the life of me find a way to pull the distance for the workouts with “ski” as a type. I’m also using an app, Workoutdoors, to track my skiing so I could pull that source too, but also no luck. Am I missing something?

Is distance skii’d in miles workable?

Ah, I always forget to specify. Cross country skiing, not downhill

What happens if you run that? I wouldn’t be surprised if you get cross-country distance in there as well

Nada, came back as an error “no records found”

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Shoot. That’s all I got. Sorry.

You may get better results using ToolBox Pro’s Get Workouts action instead of the Find Health Samples action. I’ve found that it works better for workouts for some reason.

You are probably right. I don’t currently use Toolbox Pro (rabbit hole avoidance technique)… but I should probably just go for it

That’ll do it

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