Hazel not working on Catalina, warns developer

Crossposting from MPU forums because I assume many folks here might be using Hazel too:

(Some have reported it’s working OK for them, so it’s not completely broken, but the more complex your rules are, the more likely you are to find something.)


Thanks for the heads up.

Does anyone have any experience on Catalina with Hazel to know just how buggy it is? Like, which parts are buggy? I really want to upgrade to Catalina. I wouldn’t say Hazel is absolutely critical to my workflow, but it’s important, and I mainly have a few straightforward rules set up. So I’d tentatively be willing to just go ahead with it to take advantage of things like sidecar.

If you check out the Noodelsoft web site the developer has a public message clearly stating it is not compatible and you should not use them together. They also note that they are working on a beta to address issues.

If you search for “catalina” on the Noodlesoft forums, and in particular on the beta forum, you can very quickly get an idea of what sorts of issues people have been experiencing.

I think it comes down to if you need Hazel, don’t upgrade. If you don’t need Hazel for a while, then you should be fine to upgrade. The fact that you indicate Hazel is “important” would therefore indicate that it probably wouldn’t be a good time to upgrade for you.

If you have to ask… don’t try it at home kids.

The only bug that I’ve been having is that the program freezes every time I try to add a new folder through the file picker. However, this can be fixed by just dragging the folder over. Everything else has been working fine.

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Same for me works like a charm but when adding folders it goofs up.