Hazel not finding network drive until I click through to it

I’ve been looking at ways of expanding my use of Hazel to move files on to my NAS box.

The problem though is that Hazel seems to have an issue finding the relevant folder until I actually access it through Finder (at which point the file moves across as expected).

So there seems to be some kind of connection problem to the NAS (especially when the laptop first boots up). Is there a way that I can fix this, as having to click through to the relevant folder most times I want to move files renders the automation side of things pretty pointless.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Do you have power nap enabled? If so, try disabling it.

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IME network drives are often in a 'connected but not really’ state in macOS. I assume it’s a power-saving feature, so disabling Power Nap (as recommended above) is a good idea.

I think Apple considers it a ‘feature’ that the network share is visible but not actually connected until you try to use it once. I assume it prevents a lot of error messages that people might see otherwise even if they were not planning to use the network share.

The ‘solution’ that I would try is to add the network volume to your startup items:

  1. System Preferences » Users & Groups

  2. Select your username

  3. Click the +

In the ‘Open’ dialog box, choose the network drive.

In the end, it should appear like “TimeCapsuleDisk” does in the above photo.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks very much for the help, both of you. Much appreciated!

Please let us know if it works (or doesn’t!)

Sorry @Tjluoma, I must have missed the notification of your reply!

It’s not 100% but it’s definitely made a marked improvement on where things were. There are still a few occasions when I’ll get an error message (usually with different subfolders on the network somewhere) but, as I say, I’m able to rely on files getting moved much more than I was before

Out of interest, did you disable power nap?