Have you ever gotten an ad where it says App Store/ shortcuts or some other app that you wanna make

has anyone ever gotten a pop up from your app after you made your app from shortcuts that look like this ? if so let me know i need a miracle to get rid of it

Did you mean to post a different topic here? The content does not seem to match the title, and duplicate content was posted to a different thread.

i actually fixed my post just hate seeing pop ups and all since there has been many in apps

Shortcuts does not create “apps” per se. They are automations known as shortcuts.

Is this appearing from running a shortcut that you have made and are running (if so please confirm where you run the Shortcut from), or are you saying it is something that just keeps appearing at random?

If the former, what you are showing is most likely standard behaviour. If the latter then check your list of “Automation” entries in the Shortcuts app. Chances are you have some shortcut set to trigger automatically when something happens - e.g. A time, an app is opened.

The more specifics you can provide the greater the chance you will get a quick and clear answer to your underlying question.

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Looking at your homescreen it seems you’ve customised it to contain custom icons that use shortcuts to launch your apps.

Did you open the app store right before this notification was displayed?
If so then it’s expected behaviour (security feature)

If you use shortcuts to launch apps from your homescreen with custom icons then the shortcut should always display “[app name]|Shortcuts”.

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