Guest Request - Bart Busschots

Another guest request - Bart Busschots. Let’s talk about the Terminal.


I was not familiar with Bart Busschots, but a little googling led me to his podcast page at

Taming the Terminal : Bart Busschots which has a nice introduction audio clip, but here’s the elevator pitch:

Taming the Terminal is a collaboration between Bart Busschots and Allison Sheridan. The tutorials were written by Bart, and hosted on this site, and there are matching conversations with Allison Sheridan on the NosillaCast Podcast.

So… the Terminal plus an Irish accent? Yes please!


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Yes, I’ve been listening to the podcast as well which is why I think he’d also be a great guest for the Automators.

I didn’t realize the podcast has been idle for the past few years, but still sounds interesting.

After finishing Taming the Terminal they began a series called Programming By Stealth that began with HMTL and CSS and then moved on to learning Javascript. That’s still going.

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I heard on the most recent episode of the NosillaCast that there will be more episodes of Taming the Terminal coming, as Bart plans to explain the change to the zsh shell in macOS Catalina that replaces the bash shell.