Grading Workflow

I did a little experiment last year where I recorded a participation grade for one of the classes I teach after each session using a Pages spreadsheet, where I gave each student a rating using the 5-star scale. Going through and entering their stars after each class was quite fiddly. I’m wondering if there’s a way to automate the process so that a workflow would present me with each student’s name in turn, and then let me chose a grade from a menu of choices (which probably would be better if they were numerical values that are directly connected to my university’s grading scale), and then save them all to a spreadsheet—a different column for each class. I worry that this would be even worse than just entering the stars in the spreadsheet, and I would have then spent a lot of time creating the workflow for naught. Is this a crazy idea to think that I could create this (essentially my first workflow?)

Have you looked at using AirTable for this? It might be better suited and has forms for you :slight_smile:

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