Google DataStudio Print PDF on Weekly Basis

Anyone have a method automatically hitting a Google DataStudio report once a week, print the report to PDF and email it off (or save it locally or to iCloud drive).

New to applescript/automator and I’ve attempted it in Shortcuts. but it seems like the hangup for me is following the print-to-pdf dialogue. I keep ending up with a blank PDF file.

Thanks in advance.

It’s apparently being worked on currently as a built-in feature of the product.

In particular, take note of the posts by Rick E, a Google employee working in that area. It’s worth reading back at least a few pages too (or all of it like I did), to get a better understanding of the discussion.

Otherwise I’d suggest looking at Fake, a really useful scriptable browser app. I’d say it’s a but more complicated to use than Automator, but I use it for some scheduled browser stuff that I would have to do manually.

My overall advice however would be to see what Google have coming unless you are desperate to dive in. I suspect it will be a higher quality output than anything that could be in effect snagged from the browser into a PDF.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I am subscribed to that support thread on Google already.

Fake looks interesting. I’ll give that a look.