GoodTask <—> Omnifocus

Has anyone experimented with automatic syncing between GoodTask and Omnifocus? (Equivalently, between Reminders and Omnifocus as I regard GoodTask as a front end to Reminders?)

The usual automation tools are available to me.

I’m inspired by the latest AppStories Podcast episode - where Federico talks about Drafts to GoodTask / Reminders.

At a purely theoretical level, couldn’t you set up Drafts to send a given list of tasks to both Reminders/GoodTask as well as Omnifocus?

While I don’t know the details, I believe Federico is doing something similar with his iOS 12 review, with multiple back-ups being saved via a single action.

I’m not far enough along in my own automation education to describe how to achieve that goal, but I do believe it’s doable.

Though I suppose that addresses content creation rather than syncing.

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I could but the benefit of GoodTask is that it is a richer front end than Reminders. And, right now, I can get a reminder created from my Watch.

Yes, I probably could get a task created via Omnifocus on the watch. And yes I could get a reminder created via Siri.

Syncing approaches between Reminders and Omnifocus, even a once-a-day Drafts action, is what I’m exploring. And certainly GoodTask could be part of the solution.