“Going Home” Automation

I’ve tried multiple times to set up the “Going Home” shortcut that will send my location and ETA to my wife, but everyone I finish creating it nothing happens. It doesn’t show up anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

Can you point to the instructions you are using, or provide some steps to reproduce what you have done? All we know is you are doing something and it isn’t showing somewhere that you are expecting it to.

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I’m not sure exactly how else to explain it. I’m go into Shortcuts, click on “Gallery”, find the “Going Home” suggestion and follow the steps it proves to set it up and after I go through all the steps it takes me to the “Automation” section and that’s it. The shortcut never shows up anywhere.

Have you looked in your automations area In Shortcuts for a location trigger?

It sounds like you are selecting a recommended to you personal automation rather than a shortcut.