Getting recurrence settings for reminders

Hi there!

I am working on a script where I need to react differently depending on whether existing reminders have recurrence or not (and what that recurrence is). However, from what I can tell, the output when getting reminders does not contain recurrence rules, and I can only see methods to add recurrence rules or clear them on both reminders and calendar events.

I even considered making a shortcut specifically for this action, but it looks like Shortcuts lacks this functionality as well.

Is there a way I can read how an existing reminder will repeat (or not repeat)?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah unfortunately I don’t believe Scriptable has access to this information, only the ability to add recurrence rules. Maybe @simonbs can share if this is a system limitation or just not included in Scriptable (congrats on the new launch btw!). But as it’s not in Shortcuts either, it may be a system limitation

I’m not sure but I think this information is available to third party developers but it is not currently exposed in Scriptable.

Cool, thanks for the confirmation.

I have found a workaround for this as well as other data, such as the reminder’s last modification date. By renaming a reminder to have a .txt extension, I can get the raw iCal data from Shortcuts and pass it to Scriptable.

The output (or what gets passed to Scriptable) looks something like this, which I plan on using RegEx to parse data that doesn’t exist in Scriptable:

SUMMARY:Test weekly

Clever hack! I think I’ll keep holding my breath for native Scriptable support :pray: but this is cool