Getting Image Resolution from local file

I’m attempting to make a script that will find the resolution of an image loaded by the user. The problem that I’m having is that once I’ve loaded the image I can’t really get anything from it except throw it into a QuickLook. When I look up how to get image height or width I get results that tell me to do things like this:

var realWidth = myImg.naturalWidth;
var realHeight = myImg.naturalHeight;

This does not work for me, I assume, because I’m not in a browser, or because of the way I brought the image in.

// This will find the aspect ratio of an 
// image that the user chooses

let imagepath = await["public.image"]);
let imagePath = imagepath[0];
let localFM = FileManager.local();
let imageData = localFM.readImage(imagePath);

I’m brand new to JavaScript (just decided to try it out after listening to the Automators episode). If anyone could help me out with getting to the point where I can query the loaded image for its height or width I would appreciate it.

P.S. My prior scripting experience is almost exclusively in Python

Scriptable doesn’t currently expose an API to get the width and height of an image but I’ll be happy to add that in a future update.

I’m sure there’s a clever way to determine it by examining the data but that seems way to cumbersome for such a trivial task.

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Oh, that would be fantastic! Thank you