Getting data into MS Flow from iOS

I have been experimenting a bit with Microsoft Flow, but I don’t see an obvious way to add input from iOS (I.e. no share sheet or URL scheme). Am I missing something? I could always start my flow with the contents of a Dropbox file and dump to there from Drafts but I am wondering if there’s a more native solution.

Recently starting working with Flow and after experimenting with some Flows just within Outlook Office 365 realm, similarly looked for way to integrate into iOS with Shortcuts. Figured out the following steps can work

  1. HTTP Webhook trigger action in Flow. It will autogenerate a URL. You can specify what information will be passed into Flow in JSON.
  2. In iOS Shortcuts app. Add steps of URL with the above generated URL. Next step is Get Contents of URL but toggle to advanced features and specify that you are doing a POST and can add the keys and data of information that is to be passed into Flow as JSON
  3. Back in Flow, the Parse JSON action works great to essentially turn all that information you passed from iOS into Dynamic Content links that can be used in subsequent steps

My use case is that I wanted to pick an event off my calendar and then create a page in OneNote. OneNote did not have any native iOS shortcut actions. Can do the calendar selection in iOS Shortcuts and then pass name and start date/time to Flow from which can Create One Note page in QuickNotes.

Still have a lot to learn and experiment with. Wouldn’t mind listening an episode of the podcast about Flow if @RosemaryOrchard & @MacSparky (or guests) have helpful hints.

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