Getting an automator service script to work after upgrade from Mojave

hi gang.
I have a basic Service automator workflow (to run a Pandoc command) that works perfectly in Mojave but doesn’t play in Catalina/Big Sur.
I’m guessing it’s a security/sandbox related thing but can anyone point me to specific way to solve?
Screenshot of automator.workflow attached (from Mojave).
Thanks in advance.

I started with a clean setup of Big Sur and had problems getting my AppleScripts and Automator stuff to work. For some scripts/programs I had to change the script settings in System Settings → Full Disk Access and for some I had to remove the quarantine flag with xattr.

I think for Automator I had to tick the Automator checkbox in System PreferencesSecurity & PrivacyAccessibility settings.

Thanks @FrankV. I’ve certainly been having a go with Privacy and accessibility settings (without luck). I’m going to look into removing quarantine flags with xattr. Cheers, Simon