Getting active alarm time or setting and activating alarm

Hi all,

Problem to be fixed: Start the heater in my car 2-3 hours before i wake-up, I have no fixed wake-up time, work starts at different times each day, hear the start time for the next day in the afternoon.

How can i set the Sleep/Wake-up alarm using shortcuts so i can calculate the start time for the heater in my car.

If i can not use the Sleep/Wake-up how to set an Alarm in iOS using shortcuts.
I would prefer the Sleep/Wake-up option because of the sleep tracking.


But do you know what your week will look like? in that case It’s just a a matter of setting up a Timed automation for each day of the week.

No I don’t. Work as truck driver and the transport orders for the next day come in around 3 pm then they make the routes for the next day.
So every day is a surprise.

Hmm, tricky one indeed. I would approach this one in a different manner. A bit to hacky but maybe it gives an idea. I would set up a shortcut that asks when you wake up, then based on your input-> setup alarm → create a calendar event. I would then set up a “timer” event every half an hour during the day that checks if there is a calendar event within that time span and, if true turn the heater on.