Get date from string

I’d like to get a script I can run inline in a shortcut.

I want to be able to feed in a magic variable date and have it converted to a scriptable date so I can find reminders with said date.

Any help wanted :slight_smile:

Any reason you don’t want to use Shortcuts’ native Find Reminders action?

Not sure if this is what you are looking for. I use this script to find uncompleted Reminders back a certain amount of days which you could change with a magic variable. I do find that Scriptable is a bit faster in locating reminder items than the stock Shortcut actions.

let today = new Date()
let lastWeek = new Date()
lastWeek.setDate(lastWeek.getDate() - 14)
let yreminders = await Reminder.incompleteDueBetween(lastWeek, today)
let value = []
// console.log(yreminders)

for (reminder of yreminders) {
  let name = reminder.title
  let id = reminder.identifier
//   console.log(reminder) 
  value.push({name, id})


Script.setShortcutOutput({"value": value})


I’m going to plug this into a script that will complete the tasks. No native complete task action for Reminders.

I know there’s a Toolbox Pro action for this, but it costs $$$ and Scriptable doesn’t :upside_down_face: