Get a notification whenever temp dips below X degrees

Hey folks, looking for some help for what I thought was a straightforward automation

I want to get a notification every time my room temp dips below a certain value

My best attempt thus far involves:

  1. creating the trigger in Home+ since Home doesn’t seem to support temp triggers
  2. setting up a webhook in Pushcut to create a notification, and
  3. switching to Home to create a shortcut that calls that webhook to send it to me

This seems to work but feels incredibly convoluted. Any ideas for workarounds? In particular I hate having to use two different homekit apps to even set this up.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


There are some HomeKit thermometers out there (I just happened to search for them on Amazon the other day). Maybe one of them has this functionality built-in?

My only other suggestion requires an always-on Mac setup to monitor the temperature and send you a Pushover notification, but that’s probably not what you want either.

TBH this seems like a feature that some app like Carrot Weather or Dark Sky should offer, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t remember seeing it listed as a feature anywhere.

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I have the same question, except for humidity.

I have a feeling this is the path to go down. In “Home Settings” I can get notifications when my Hue motion sensor is triggered, but even though it has temperature and light sensors in the Home app it doesn’t let those show up there.

I’m going to exeriment some more with HomeBridge and see if I can get my Netatmo (sadly V2 so it won’t be getting the HomeKit update) to show up as a temperature or humidity sensor in Home Settings, and if my motion sensor will reveal a few more tricks too!

Thanks TJ and Rose! Rose, please let me know how it goes for you with HomeBridge. FWIW, it seems to work OK once it’s set up, it just feels so silly to set up the trigger in one app and the action in another.

I’m very impressed by how easy Pushcut makes it to set up a notification and then trigger it from Home!


wohoo - Pushcut FTW! ^^

oh man, I can’t wait to get the latest version out to all of you - with all the yummy HomeKit support and tweaks - but it is stuck in app review for over a week now. : (

Please Apple, hurry up, the suspense is killing me…


@sliemeobn that’s so exciting - please let me know if there’s a beta I can try out! Pushcut seems to work quite well for the new HomeKit Shortcuts automations - thanks for this great app!

HomeKit enabled version is finally released - I posted about it here:


I was working on this exact scenario this weekend. I finally used Shortcuts and a personal automation to run in the morning (which is the most common time I need to know this information).

My frustration is that it won’t run as an automation if my iPad is asleep/in DND. In that situation, it posts a notification asking me to run the shortcut. Which isn’t very automatic about it.

At any rate, I hope you or someone can figure this out, as I would definitely have a need for it (and my horse would appreciate me remembering to put his blanket on too). :slight_smile:

I did this using a Philips Hue motion sensor, Geektool, and Keyboard Maestro and documented it on my blog: