Gas mileage Siri shortcut

I thought a gas mileage shortcut could be done using Datajar and Charty. Anyone done this?

I’ve been utilizing Data Jar to help with tracking fillups, but not to actually store the data; I actually use Drafts for that. What I’ve done, broadly speaking is:

  • Get last odometer reading from Data Jar
  • Ask for input “mileage” with the last reading pre-filled
  • Save the value back to Data Jar
  • Ask for cost
  • Ask for gallons
  • Output “date,mileage,cost,gallons” to the note (or wherever you want to put them)

By storing the mileage in Data Jar and retrieving it, I can run the shortcut once when exiting the car (when I check the odometer). Then, next time I run the shortcut, if I canceled the shortcut in the meantime, I don’t have to remember the reading because the mileage is already filled.

Of course I could use Data Jar to store the actual list, but I’ve been using Drafts to track mileage for years. Old habits die hard. :grinning: