Funny problem: Automating start of Omnifocus Review with Keyboard Maestro - in German Version

Hi Gang!

I would like to force me to review my OmniFocus projects every Friday. So I set up a mini automation in keyboard maestro: Close all apps, open fantastical and drafts and open URL “omnifocus:///perspective/Überprüfung”.

Problem: KeyboardMaestro can not open URLS with “Ü” or “ü”. Workaround with decoding “Ü” with %C3%9C" and “ü” with “%C3%BC” does not help.

Next possible workaround rename the review Perspektiv “Überprüfung” to “review” is not possible. There is no option to change the name and none to change the language of Omnifocus.

Does anyone has a idea?

First try with URL encoding.


If that fails, maybe try running a script from Keyboard Maestro to open the URL?

open omnifocus:///perspective/Überprüfung


open omnifocus:///perspective/%C3%9Cberpr%C3%BCfung

Does not work. :frowning:

I did try URL encoding before. But even the Script doesn’t work.

Sorry, somehow I missed the encoding mention earlier. My apologies. :frowning:

At my Mac now and I tried both of the open scripts with a perspective named Überprüfung and they both worked fine, opening the Omnifocus app to the perspective named Überprüfung.

  1. What error are you getting with the script? Check the Keyboard Maestro engine log if necessary.
  2. What happens if you try the script from the terminal? Any error message/success there.

It did not work. In terminal I got this error: The file /Users/mike/omnifocus:/perspective/Überprüfug does not exist.

But I changed the command to “open omnifocus:///perspective/review” and it work. So problem solved.

Somehow the Link omnifocus:///perspective/Überprüfug does work when coded in e.g. in HTML but not as a script. But in the Script I can use the English perspective name …

Thank you for your fast help!