ForceOpenIn shortcut no longer works

Hi all,
The “Force open in” workflow in Shortcuts suddenly won’t accept images from the Photos app. It always worked before. Now it says “… couldn’t convert from extension item to text”

I use it very often to force open a selected image in Snapseed, since Snapseed doesn’t appear in the share sheet.

I know there are Snapseed shortcuts but they don’t work starting from an image you have already selected - they show you the whole library of images instead!

Grateful for any help

A shortcut I made to upload photos to Dropbox and create a markdown link just stopped working. To troubleshoot, I created a share-sheet shortcut to accept only images and do a quick look of the image. It doesn’t work either — it shows (null) instead of the image. Maybe an update has broken images in Shortcuts?

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