Follow the Sun help - iMac keeps sleeping?

I’m new to the app ‘follow the sun’ but I think it could be really useful… only problem I have is that my iMac seems to keep sleeping on me… even though i’ve set all I can to stop it doing so.

Any tips on keeping my iMac permanently on so it can run my mail rules and follow the sun app as intended?

Seems a simple question, but just not working for me!
FYI i’m running a Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019 running Big Sur Version 11.2.2

To prevent sleep during working hours I have Amphetamine set to prevent sleep on a schedule. (Mo-Fri 8am-7pm) Works very well for me.

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Thanks for the reply…

I am running Amphetamine on my Macbook 12" currently, as you say it does work pretty good for me.
Not sure why but I just assumed with no lid close on the iMac etc there would be system functionality built in to keep it awake all the time without the need for a 3rd party app? :thinking:

I’ve found sleep prevention settings to be quite unstable, and prefer better control, if that;s a 3rd party app then so be it :slight_smile:

Yes, me too… guess i’m just a purest at heart and hoped the OS had the functionality built in.

As you said, so be it… thanks again for taking the time to reply.