Find Omnifocus nested folder, create it if it doesn't exist

Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m trying to find a way to have shortcuts find a specific folder in Omnifocus. If the folder doesn’t exist, create it. Then pass the folder ID onto the next step to use in a target= within my task paper/x-callback-url.

I’ve tried looking at the URL actions, shortcuts and am now at the point where I’m considering learning javascript.

Shortcuts can find items, projects and tags - just doesn’t seem to do folders.

Does anyone know of a path that I’ve missed that would get me to where I’m trying to go?

Forgot to add, I think I COULD do it with Keyboard Maestro/AppleScript but I’m trying to keep it all iOS based at the moment.

Ended up logging a support call with the Omnigroup and they confirmed that no options to create folders exist outside of using javascript.

Oh well