File naming convention

Ok, I’ll admit right up front that I feel dumb, but I don’t get the file naming convention that both David and Katie (and now @RosemaryOrchard) promote. Starting the file name with the date in most views means that all I can see of the file name is it’s date! Whether the file is on my desktop (I know, nothing should be on my desktop), or in a column view in finder, without changing the size of the column every time I change to the Finder view all I see is the first part of the file name which is useless to me! Can I set a column width that permanently sticks somewhere? Am I the only one that is missing something here?

You can hold down the Option key while adjusting the column width the set the default width in Finder.


I use this convention for storing receipts or other things where the date really helps me find what I want. So, 99% of my files don’t do this, but a couple of folders do.
Typically, in these cases, the folders contain tens or hundreds of similar files and the folder name is what tells me what they are.


  • Car
  • House

The Car subfolder only has invoices relating to the car, so when I’m in there having the date most visible is exactly what I want.

Keynotes, Docs etc a totally different and don’t have the date anywhere in the file name.


As @GraemeS says, this is for things where the date is extremely important. For everything else it doesn’t matter and they don’t get the date in the file name :slight_smile:

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Thanks - that makes more sense to me now.