Feature Request: html-webview instead of black screen

I love the functionality and possibilities provided by Pushcut, and in my opinion would be made even greater if there was an option to set an non-interactable, shortcuts generated, html-webview. This way one would be able to design a custom information display and when tapped give access to the Pushcut server. This would give the always on display of the iOS device a functionality other than to keep the Pushcut server online.

If this is possible, one could make an shortcut which ran on a time interval, or other trigger, to update the page and send it to Pushcut to display. It would make a nice little wall display or information screen for your Mac.

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Reminds me of the old “Status Board” app by Panic.

That would be handy.

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Yes, something like that would be awesome. And starting with just displaying a html file generated by shortcuts would keep the development scope smaller than making a whole custom widget system inside the pushcut app.