Feature Request: HealthKit support

I’ve recently started digging into Scriptable and am loving the power of it. I’ve currently got a notification running from Scriptable.

I’d really like if clicking that notification would be able to add data to HealthKit. In specific, I want to be able to log that I drank some water.


In the past Apple has rejected Scriptable for using HealthKit:

Well that’s a bummer.

Thanks for letting me know!

That’s right. It actually got rejected twice for using HealthKit. The post @rob linked to is from September 2018. I tried again in August 2019 and got rejected. I’d still love to have HealthKit integrated in Scriptable and I’ve got all the code ready but honestly, I’m loosing hope that Apple will let me release it.

you could maybe do this with pushcut and shortcuts?

Yeah, I’ve thought about that. Unfortunately it’s a bit clunky for my weird setup.

In short, my script checks for any events in my “Sports” calendar. If there are, it sends a notification every 45 minutes until the event begins.

So, some days I get 0 notifications. Other days I get 10 notifications.

If I incorporate Pushcut then it would work like this:

  1. Receive Scriptable notification
  2. Click Notification
  3. Send URL request to Pushcut.
  4. Pushcut sends Notification
  5. Click Notification
  6. Shortcuts launches.

That’s just a little clunkier than it’s worth IMO.


Doing it with just scheduled Pushcut notifications doesn’t quite work because I only want the notifications on certain days.


Another relatively smooth way to do this would be if Scriptable could launch a Shortcut. I know that’s not currently an API offered by Scriptable but maybe there’s a URL scheme I could use?

Lemme know if anyone has an idea on how to do that.

Thanks everyone


Turns out it’s pretty simple: https://support.apple.com/guide/shortcuts/open-create-and-run-a-shortcut-apda283236d7/ios

Good you found it :slight_smile:

(I think Zapier could also read a calendar and trigger a pushcut notification. That might be an alternative)

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I want to ask about any news about this topic.
Are you still trying to get HealthKit Support into Scriptable?


Is reading a track recorded using the Apple Watch part of the (missing) HealthKit, too?