Feature request: Github/gist support for easier editing and backup

Request: Please add the ability to import/export/sync(?) a Scriptable script from a github gist

Background & Use Case:
I’ve been in the process of reevaluating my technology stack and I’m focusing on my iphone and windows laptop. Editing Javascript on my iPhone is slightly suboptimal. What I’d like to do is be able to type on my nice large-screen laptop (with a decent keyboard) and then quickly shift to my phone to test my script.

I’m just starting with Scriptable but I think that would be handy for both development and having a decent backup. Plus, “free” version control, woot!

I’d say the MVP for this is just being able to import from a gist, with posting and syncing being value add bonus features.


Take a look at this thread. also if you have iCloud Drive on your PC, you can edit and sync scripts to your iPhone via that.


Hi @chriscioffi. I understand you’re desire for editing on a larger screen and have backups of your scripts. There are various solutions with now that would get you some of the way.

Scriptable stores scripts in tour iCloud folder, so they’ll automatically be synced between devices, including any Macs that are signed into iCloud.

You should definitely take a look at the link @sylumer posted. That’ll get you started with Github Gists.

I also recommend taking a look at Working Copy’s synced folders. It lets you to sync any folder on your phone, including Scriptable’s folder, to Working Copy, essentially turning the folder into a fit repository. I’ve used that to backup my scripts ever since the feature was introduced in Working Copy.

And lastly, @schl3ck have been working on a language definition file that can be used with Microsoft Visual Code. This makes it easier to write scripts on your computer. Typescript type definition file for desktop IDEs?


I’ve also made a script to import files from Github Gist


Checking it out today! Thanks, not just for the reply, but for Scriptable as well. :smile:

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