Feature request: CalendarEvent.availability

Would it be possible to add an availability property to CalendarEvent?

(the equivalent of var availability: EKEventAvailability { get set } in Swift)

Possible values (as in EKEventAvailability):

  • notSupported
  • busy
  • free
  • tentative
  • unavailable

That’s a good idea. I’ll add it to the backlog.

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Thank you for adding this!

I’m using this to find “all day” events that are marked “busy” (but should be “free”):

function busy(event) {
  return event.isAllDay && event.availability == "busy" && !event.calendar.isSubscribed

let start = new Date()
let end = new Date(2018, 11, 31)
let events = await CalendarEvent.between(start, end)
let busyEvents = events.filter(busy)

for (event of busyEvents) {
  console.log(event.startDate + ": " + event.title + " (" + event.calendar.title + ")")

However there’s (/I do) something wrong: event.calendar seems to be empty ({})?

(as a result the title is undefined and the subscription check is failing)

@rob Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve found and fixed the issue. It should work in the next build. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Different issue: calendars that I subscribed to in the FastMail web interface return false for isSubscribed.

Maybe a FastMail/iOS issue?

EDIT: Drafts correctly returns false for allowsContentModifications, so maybe you can do something about this?

@rob The isSubscribed and allowsContentModifications properties are two different things. allowsContentModifications isn’t currently exposed by Scriptable but I’ll squeeze it in for the 1.1.0 release.


Thank you for adding allowsContentModifications.

Using this property (instead of isSubscribed - and without the negation) my script now works exactly as I want it to!

It immediately reported a calendar entry that I added with the wrong availability yesterday… :smile:

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