FastScripts 3.1 featuring streamlined regular expression support

Hey all, I want to share the news that FastScripts 3.1 for Mac is out and it includes some helpful new scripting additions for AppleScript to support text manipulation with regular expressions.

Notably, the regular expression support is offered completely free, independently of whether you decide to unlock premium features in the app or not. So I hope this will serve as a baseline support for many scripting tasks that would otherwise require more difficult piping out to shell scripts, inclusion of 3rd party script libraries.



That’s very generous!

I’ve been playing a bit with these yesterday and today and they are really helpful, great work!

Great to hear that, thanks for giving it a spin!

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Is there any documentation available or some examples that show how to use these features?

Hi @dawfnls, not a ton of documentation yet but if you follow the link to the blog post above there are short examples for how to use each new command.

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Is it possible to purchase an old version of FastScripts, a version compatible with macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6?

In case it helps, the download file paths seemed readily available after a logical guess. Here’s a link to v2.8.3 - the last pre 3.x.x release. Hopefully that one is compatible and you can work backwards modifyng the path if necessary.

I then had a look via, and the site store location is the same, but you may have to contact Daniel directly re. the licensing as it isn’t likely to be backwards compatible as there is an upgrade license available for v3.

Thanks @sylumer, yes @bocciaman you can download and use the previous 2.8.3 update, and if you wish to purchase a license to unlock the unlimited shortcuts on that version, purchase a 3.x license and then email me and I will give you a 2.x license you can use. Then if/when you update to a newer Mac you will already have a 3.x license ready to go.