Family Calendar Appointment Not Working - iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Shortcuts

Since the beginning of shortcuts, I’ve used one to schedule similar types of appointments fro our family. Mainly with twins, we find ourselves at the pediatrician a lot.

Tonight my shortcut stopped working and I’m getting an error
Screen Shot 22-01-04-1

It keeps failing when trying to add it to the calendar but I see no issues with the logic (IMO). The first step is choosing a child’s name, then it picks up in the screenshot here:

Any help is greatly appreciated as this is by far our most used Shortcut.

Try duplicating the Shortcut first to see if the duplicate works.

Assuming it does not, remove one action at a time from the end until you can get it to run again. Duplicate the action once more, delete and recreate that action, ans see if the Shortcut then runs.

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All I can think of is some bit has flipped somehow, and you need to reset the situation. If that’s the case I have two ways to address this, the first one looks to me te best one.

Step 1
Duplicate the Shortcut to be able to examine it and leave the original alone.
Step 2
I had some strange behaviours of dates after two of the iOS updates.
Test the new duplicated shortcut, if it failes:
Open the duplicate shortcut.
Step 3.
Go through the date variables. I see ‘End Time’ is one. And check if the type of End Time is still ‘Date’ and check the date format and time format of the date.
If you see nothing strange, delete the variabele and add it again. Just to reset it.

If this doesn’t help you.

Step 1.
Same as above
Step 2.
Export the Shortcut and send the link you get via messages to yourself.
Step 3.
Delete the Shortcut.
Step 4.
Import the shortcut from the link you sent to yourself

I think my troubles were to do with having multiple languages. My iPhone is Dutch language, but Shortcuts I always have to run in the English language. (In settings for Shortcuts app).

Hope this helps!